What People Are Saying

“Hannah is an exceptional thought leader and communicator. Her content has really helped push forward our energy storage goals.

She’s as disciplined as they come, understands complex topics, and can thoroughly break them down into consumable, friendly content.”

-David Zeledon, Digital Marketing Manager, Sunrun

Digital Marketing Manager Sunrun

“Genuine, smart, and a pleasure to work with: these are the words that working with Hannah evokes.

Culturally-literate and socially-engaged — definitely one of the good ones.”

-David Andreone, Marketing Director, The Pablove Foundation

Marketing Director Pablove

“Hannah is a talented storyteller. She’s built for this. In addition to being technically proficient, she’s got the innate hunger of a good writer – the desire to investigate, uncover and reveal. She casually nails every assignment I throw her way.”

-Josh Jenisch, Director of Content Management, City of Hope


“Hiring Hannah has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. She is an extremely talented, compassionate writer and her work has been instrumental in bringing more attention, publicity and sales to my business.

She’s comprehensive in her research and can easily adjust her style based on the audience and needs. I’m continually impressed with the high quality of writing Hannah produces to meet my needs.”

-Nagina Abdullah, Founder of MasalaBody.com (Weight-Loss for Ambitious Women)



“I really liked her copywriting style. She completely understood what I wanted to say, clarified the message and still kept my unique tone. That’s very rare. Working with Hannah was like a breath of fresh air.

She made my life easier and was always there for me, very consistent, reliable and supportive. She is such a lovely person to deal with as well, and having run a blog herself, she completely understands what entrepreneurs are going through.

I very much hope I can hire her as a writer again to work on my blog and future products. She is awesome!”

-Sandra Boehner, Founder of Candida Diet Plan.com

Sandra Boehner 2


“Hannah’s copy is always really smart, attention-grabbing and well-worded.”

-Yiling Julia Lua, – Marketing Manager at Lumesse