I help clean energy companies and cause-oriented nonprofit organizations (often in healthcare) achieve more visibility and credibility. This translates to a more consistent flow of business and more success.

Here’s how I make this happen.

Blog Posts, Articles, Ebooks and More

We’ll talk about what you’re hoping to accomplish with the piece, what the best format or schedule is for that, what subjects to tackle, and clearly define your target audience.

Then I get to work absorbing all the necessary info and relaying those key topics so they make sense when they reach the right person at the right time. Maintaining your company tone and voice are, of course, essential here.


Web Copy

A website is the ultimate information resource for potential customers. Having relevant information presented in an enticing way is crucial.

It separates websites with high conversion rates from those drifting aimlessly in the online ocean.


White Papers and Special Reports

Transforming mental currency is what white papers and reports are all about. They inform, educate and persuade through logic, facts and reliably sourced intelligence.

Here, my research skills are indispensable. I have a huge capacity for finding, absorbing and relaying complex information.


Video Scripts and Video Sales Letters

You have about 60 seconds tops to intrigue viewers. My background in screenwriting and copywriting makes for effective video marketing messages.

We’re talking about hooking the viewer with interest, zeroing in on what matters and seeing high conversion rates.


Repurposing White Papers as Video Scripts

Repurposing your white papers or reports into video scripts is a powerful way to maximize your content. Smart marketers know that repurposing is a great way to double (or more!) customer connection with half the effort.

Translating all that meaty information into an approachable video can open new doors when done right. You can reach a whole new range of people!


Case Studies

Great case studies start with great interviews. Knowing the questions to ask and how to present them can make or break the insights about customer problems and the solutions you provided.

As a personable, empathetic listener, I can accurately tap into the core of customer desires and pain points.


Landing Pages

Nothing is more crucial to a sales funnel than a well-crafted landing page. The cold marketing speak of yesteryear doesn’t cut it anymore. People need a genuine human tone in these crucial pages if they’re going to be inspired to click, rather than click away.


Email Marketing

Whether you’re looking to 

  • Launch or relaunch a newsletter
  • Keep your customers informed
  • Gain feedback and insights through surveys
  • Announce and track a new program, product or service

I have experience generating, navigating and executing campaigns and working with automated services.