Why Hannah?

How about increasing engagement with your content by 150%? I can’t guarantee the same results for everyone, but I can guarantee I’ll put in the same work and processes that consistently bring in results.

You’re doing good in the world, but you also have to do right by your company. That means connect with customers and ultimately make more money to sustain the operation.


Here’s why I’m the best person to help you do this:

  • I’m Inbound Marketing Certified by Hubspot
  • I have experience writing both within the marketing and communications department of a large healthcare nonprofit, and as a self-driven freelancer.
  • I’m skilled, easy to work with, creative and have an all-encompassing respect for deadlines.
  • I’m level headed and get things done even in difficult or surprise situations.
  • I won the Shapiro Writing Award for my research paper work.
  • My proficiency means effective, high-quality work turned around quickly.

Give me a call to get started.